Movement / Bodywork Education

A Wide Array of Techniques

A Wide Array of Techniques

Movement Education Coaching

Understand natural ways to move with experiential coaching using a wide array of techniques under the guidance of an acute eye.

  • Learn the way your bones have rhythms in relationship to each other.
  • Experience flexibility when you practice muscle energy.
  • Go deeper, and find how much your inner organs play a role in your musculoskeletal movement.
  • Find out how the fascial/connective tissue system holds it all together.
  • Make gravity your friend.
  • Practice how to think of moving in spirals and arcs.

Joyful Movement, living in a body with ease and efficiency.


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Structural Integration Bodywork Anatomy Trains Certified

Are you wanting/craving more ease in your body?… Fluidity, perform optimally in your sport?

 Structural Integration observes, and evaluates the body’s relationship to gravity. Where is it holding too much and where it needs support. Primary focus is on the FASCIAL SYSTEM which is what holds us together and what allows us to move. A combination of collagen and elastin, like a gluey substance, and also a firm structure. Designed to protect, support and give potential for movement.

Franklin Method

My embodiment of the Franklin Method has taught me a way of learning about my body through the experience of being in my body.

Using the Franklin Method as a means of educating you about your human function, through education, imaging and experiencing, will bring you to a freer level of moving, breathing, and enjoyment of living inside your body.



Body Unity Systems Z’Move Classes

  teach an innovative approach to ease of movement.

 Body awareness is the first step to make any desired changes. Having exercises, techniques and physiology education brings this to a place for you to have the tools to carry with you into your life.

 Z’Move will also offer newness.. movements in a way that you may not have thought of before. Embodiment of the information is what makes it real.

The MELT Method™

The MELT Method™, created by Sue Hitzmann, is not just another exercise program. It offers the ability to use self-help tools to rebalance your nervous system and rehydrate your connective tissue.

The nervous system is what keeps you negotiating gravity 24/7. This means balance, movement, and rest. Reflexes that were put in place, beginning when you were born, helped you learn to go from a curled-up baby ball to standing and walking adult. But sometimes, along the way, our systems can get "out of whack." This leads to compensation. Our bodies learn how to "fake it."


Many principles of Pilates come into the Body Unity Systems  unique approaches to teaching movement. The focus is to create stability without rigidity. When looking at the body as a whole, the focus is where are you moving and where are you not moving. The balance of stability. mobility, and flexibility are evaluated…and therefore creating a unifying way to use your body, in whatever routine you are interested in. Out bodies were designed to be mobile, using our inherent natural function.  We want to be strong but not lose the connection to variety in real life movements. 

Body Unity Yoga

Body Unity sees Yoga as a means for unifying the body with the being.

Yoga is a mind/body/spirit/ experience. It is about balancing the bodies, going deep inside yourself, helping you find yourself. To be IN the body is an act of blending and separating: To be active- to be passive, to be thinking- to be feeling, to be warm- to be cool, to see the light- to see dark, to be joyous- to be sad, to be moving- to be still, and we could go on and on.