About ZoyaMarie


Body Unity
“Grounded in Science, Expressed in Spirit”

Ever since I can remember I could see, what I called as a child, “black spots” on people. I would poke someone where I saw a “black spot” and ask, “Does it hurt here?” The response 99½% of the time was,  “Yeah, it does! How did you know?” I could only reply, “I don’t know, I just saw a black spot.” As an adult I have come to understand that those spots are places of held energy.

Later, with 3 daughters pursuing professional ballet, and needing help with their bodies, I began to study about the body.

Now with many studies of many modalities and 25 years experience helping over 1000 clients,  I developed Body Unity Systems.  My passion to help people understand their body, FEEL their body, and giving them the tools to alleviate pain, disfunction and MOVE with JOY,  is my rewarding work. I love working with people who want to enjoy walking, gardening, emptying the dishwasher,…. and also to enhancing their athletic endeavors.

Body Unity Systems offers a combination of online classes, workshops and group programs as well as VIP one on one Movement Therapy Coaching. In studio work is also offered, where my educated hands can help free the fascial tissue so movement relearning is enhanced.

As a qualified practitioner, I can still “see” those “black spots” but now I have the means through knowledge and experience to guide others to melt their “spots”.   When the structure has balance, these points of held energy can fade. You will find your body with better ease, better function, and a greater awareness of yourself. With this, you can experience unity within your body.

Life can be full and beautiful.  Let’s enjoy it with a happy body!



When I am not working with clients and students I love to travel and a favorite location are the beaches in Kauai. I love to listen to music, to dance, to dance Argentine Tango in particular, make homemade soups and creative salads, to garden, to cuddle with my two Weiner dogs, to spend time with my daughters and be in the open spaces of Marin County with my husband, Igino.


  • 1992 CMT/ Swedish, Sports Reflexology/Aromatherapy
  • 1997 Pilates Teacher w/ Marie-Jose Blom/Certified
  • 2004-2007 Franklin Method Level III graduate/Certified
  • 2005-2006 Structural Integration KMI/ Certified
  • 2009 Fibromyalgia Treatments/Certified
  • 2011 Hydrotherapy for joint replacements, stroke, MS-at JCC
  • 2013 Parkinson’s Treatment/certified
  • 2015 Osteopathy Techniques with Ron Murray/Pelvis, Thorax, Cranial
  • 2016 Neurofascial Release w/Erik Dalton
  • 2017 Eric Franklin’s Fascia Course
  • 2018 Eric Franklin Advanced Course in NYC
  • 2021 Dissection of to the bone/leg,hip..arm/shoulder w/ Tom Myers&Todd Garcia
  • 2021 3 Day course.. Training the Fascia of the Pelvic Floor Eric Franklin
  • 2021 Happy Face, Fascia and floor of the jaw, Eric Franklin

Workshops Taught:

YMCA Strong and Supple Shoulders

  • MELT Intro workshop


  • Summer Student Program/6 wks/Pilates&Franklin Method


  • Happy Knees
  • Stable and Flexible Feet for Better Balance
    3 Series:

    1. Dynamic Pelvis & Hip Joints
    2. Hardworking Knee
    3. Flexible Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Stability
  • Intro to MELT
  • Feet, Knees, Hip Bone Rhythms and Muscle Energy for improved hiking and stairs-going up and down.
  • Delay the Disease, Parkinson’s Workshop


  • Therapy for Knee Pain and Disfunction

BERKELEY BALLET THEATRE- for Teachers & Adult Students

  • Flexible and Strong Feet
  • Neck and Shoulders-Heart and Lungs
  • 2 Series           Supple Spine
  • Breath Into Movement, understanding how the breath works
  • Dynamic Pelvis
  • 3 years teaching Summer Students /Franklin Method

 PILATES STUDIO Princeville, Kauai

  • MELT Foot and Hand Workshop


  • Franklin Method, various topics
  • MELT intro classes, balls and rollers
  • Franklin Method, balls and Bands
  • Argentine Tango, Reading your partner non-verbally 

Through all of the studies and experiences, Body Unity System’s concept of working with bodies via many manual and movement modalities has created a blended style of its own.